Mushroom Grow Kits


100% Guaranteed

We are that confident your mushroom grow kit will fruit it comes with a full guarantee


Mushroom Grow Kit

Your mushroom grow kit will arrive with full easy to follow instuctions. If you don't want to grow straight away keep the box in a cool dark place.


Fresh Oyster Mushrooms

Our mushroom grow kits will see results like this within 10-14 days of starting.

Growing Process

Once you have started your grow kit off you should expect to wait around a week before you see any significant changes. The first signs of growth are tiny white dots appearing (we call this pinning) Within 24 hours of pinning you will see small groups of mushrooms appear. You will be amazed at how quickly the mushrooms grow (it's fun to take a picture 2 or 3 times a day and compare) That's the beauty of these kits, you get to enjoy the growing, cooking and eating.